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February 11, 2022 —VantagePoint v14.1 Now Available

More search capabilities within Find Records - search for items within groups.

Added Type to filter tool to Add to Groups dialog.

Added sort capability to VizLink charts

Charts allow multi-selecting items to get a broader picture of the data

For a  comprehensive list of ALL enhancements, see VP14.1 Release Notes

August 25, 2021 — Introducing VantagePoint v14...Meeting YOUR need for a more comprehensive and customized analysis.

Import YOUR data...

Import options optimized to reduce overall computer RAM usage.

Refine data YOUR way...

List cleanup processes that previously took hours now take minutes with our re-engineered Refine NLP. In addition, the speed of many other common processes, like Find and Replace, Saving to Thesauri, and Sorting have been increased.

In list clean-up, along with being able to confirm people and organizations with LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Google, we now offer ROR searching.

For datasets containing Chinese or Japanese text, our NEW tokenizer under Further Processing divides the text into words in preparation for analysis.

Now while customizing Groups in your lists, you can combine overlapping items in groups (AND) or combine all items in groups (OR) using the Edit Group dialog of the Refine tab.

Analyze data YOUR way...

Be an active partner alongside our AI while using an improved Smart Trainer for our Auto-Classifier

  • The improved Smart Trainer selects better content up front for easier classification and recommends categories as you classify for higher confidence.
  • Efficiently build and edit your classifications by importing categories directly from existing field content or group names.
  • Gain greater confidence training the Auto-Classifier with the new Knowledge Base Word Cloud feature of the Smart-Trainer.
  • Understand how well your classified records fit an assigned category by viewing a list of categorized titles ranked by proximity to the most exemplar record.

Have it your way when you need a unique indicator using the VantagePoint Custom Indicator Formula Builder.

  • Do real time calculations based on Sum, Avg, Min, Median, Max or Standard Deviation of any field content and define order of operations.
  • Normalize your output
  • Export results to Excel.

Report insights YOUR way...

VizLink Charts offers integrated visual exploration of graphical patterns in your data all the way down to individual records.

Pivot Tool now includes reports in a Multiple Pie Chart format and can be Exported to Excel!


Various bug fixes and performance improvements

VantagePoint customers with a current Support Subscription can download VP14 by logging into our Downloads page.  See our VP14 upgrade FAQ for installation instructions.