For today's insightful analyst

May 22, 2020 — Introducing VantagePoint 2020...Meeting YOUR need for a more comprehensive and customized analysis.

Import YOUR data...

Now easier to bring in the internal data you have in CSV or Excel format.  Now handles very large files faster and with less RAM.

Refine data YOUR way...

Now fully customize your dataset for a comprehensive analysis with advanced Augment Data tools. Our NEW API Import can pull in additional fields from internal or online databases and fuse them to your records.

Prepare NLP phrases to meet your analysis needs by adding your Stopwords and Keepwords during the Refine NLP process.

Analyze data YOUR way...

Now easily categorize and classify your information based on your relationship to the topic and your lexicon. Our NEW proprietary AI in the easier-to-use Smart Trainer and Auto-Classifier empowers you to train VantagePoint's auto-classifier... then transport that learning to future datasets.

NEW, advanced Find Records fielded search enables you to search across all fields during your analysis just like you would online in a database. Group the results or send them straight into a Record Classification.

Now use Find Similar Records to match the data to your mission. Paste in any block of text to quickly find records in your analysis with similar content.

Report insights YOUR way...

NEW Plot Emergence visualization graphically summarizes emergence scoring for a broader audience... engaging their insight to identify emerging technologies and potential new competition.

NEW, more powerful Pivot Tool enables you to both explore down to the record level and report out in familiar formats (Table Bar Chart, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Line Chart).

Customize individual charts and graphs your way with NEW visualization controls.  Match your organization's fonts and color schemes exactly!

Send someone your view of the Detail Window states are saved with each sheet in the VPT files.


Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Improved Dialog sizing when Windows' DPI is higher than 100%.

For a  comprehensive list of ALL enhancements as well as demo videos in this upgrade, see VP2020 Release Notes

VantagePoint customers with a current Support Subscription can download VP2020 by logging into our Downloads page.  See our VP2020 upgrade FAQ for installation instructions.