Frequently Asked Questions

The auto classification function is an AI-based classifier.  It uses the tokenized items (a process that splits raw text into words and phrases based on spaces and punctuation) from the assigned training fields as the input plus some pre-processing to eliminate highly common terms.  All training fields are weighted equally.  The user can control which fields are used as training.

Your Registration Code is your key to unlock VantagePoint. Sometimes you may need to change computers and move VantagePoint to a new computer. In this case, you must deactivate the Registration Code on the old computer before it can be used on the new computer. Or, if your computer will be reformatted or upgraded to a new operating system, you must first deactivate the Registration Code or you won't be able to use it again.

Click this link to open a Microsoft web page that explains how to determine which Windows operating system you are running: 

XMLSmartButtons XML Smart Data Exchange is a simple, flexible XML format for transfering data between software tools.  The first two tools to use this new format are VantagePoint and Smart Charts from BizInt Solutions.  This article outlines the procedure to move data between these two tools.

Browse through these screen images for an overview of how to import and use PatBase data in VantagePoint.