TechMining is an approach for extracting knowledge/intelligence from Science, Technology & Innovation literature. This 11-minute video provides an overview of the 8 step TechMining process as well as an application case study answering the question ”Can emerging ceramic technology improve engine performance in Army tanks?”

This 9-minute video demonstrates one TechMining application—Country Research Profiling—using Azerbaijan as a case study. Country profiling can help answer such questions as “What are the most active areas of research? What are the leading institutions? Has anything changed the last several years?”

This 10 minute video provides an overview of the research profiling process, i.e. identifying: critical questions to ask, potential paths to answers, and required data. It also demonstrates a data search and download from Web of Science.

This 10 minute video reviews the steps for importing and cleaning data within VantagePoint, preparing it for analysis. Available filters and thesauri are demonstrated.

This 10 minute video goes through the process of identifying basic descriptors using single-field lists on a WOS nanotech dataset (e.g. "Top N" lists).