Our flagship product, VantagePoint, is a powerful text-mining tool for discovering knowledge in search results from patent and literature databases. VantagePoint helps you rapidly understand and navigate through large search results, giving you a better perspective—a better vantage point—on your information. The perspective provided by VantagePoint enables you to quickly find WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, enabling you to clarify relationships and find critical patterns—turning your information into knowledge.

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Learn About Your Competitors


Identify the key competitors, large and small, in a targeted domain.  VantagePoint’s data cleaning assures you will accurately investigate, identify, and consolidate companies and affiliates as you learn and understand the business.  Identified here are the major companies patenting in the plant based protein space.  


Add Your Own Classifications

Tailor your analysis to the target concepts that fit the lexicon of the world in which you research.  For example, the main focus of this plant based protein research deals with specific concepts such as flavor, texture, appearance, medical uses, stability and DNA derivation.  VantagePoint gives you tools to identify, classify and tag documents by concept including NLP, auto-classifiers, custom thesaurus and flexible reporting.  In this example, we see how the bubble pie compares the project’s targeted concepts for the top assignees over time.   



Focus Your Analysis


Identify competitive overlap and discover strengths and weaknesses.  Conform output to the needs of the clients.  Focus reports on these needs and deliver insightful results. 


Use the Power of Visualizations to Understand Your Data

Create Cluster Maps for multi-dimensional analysis and to explore overlapping technical concepts.  These are invaluable when addressing questions of patentability and freedom-to-operate.



Explore Your Data


Deliver analysis that gives your client control to explore and verify. In this instance, focus on the global coverage of the flavor related patents of Mars Inc.  Go even deeper and link to the underlying documents.


Share Your Results

Communicate findings using Sankey charts to focus on concepts shared throughout the analysis.   



Discover New Ideas


Apply Technical Emergence to identify emerging technologies and their related authors/inventors, companies and countries.  


Build Your Indicators

Take advantage of VantagePoint’s custom features and bring your analysis into greater focus with personal statistical indicators. Don't settle for canned metrics made for another industry. Pick a field; define your operators; and create your own unique indicator.  Then save it as a template for your next report.  



Find Key Players


Apply Network Metrics to measure centralities and identify key influencers, collaborators and team players.  Our Keystone measure combines multiple metrics to easily identify individual’s overall importance.

The VantagePoint Process

VantagePoint is most useful when your search strategy returns "more than you want to read." It can provide great benefit when working with only a few dozen records, but it is most helpful when you need to work with thousands of records.



VantagePoint - System Requirements

Operating Systems - VantagePoint works on Windows 10 platforms and standard installs of Windows 11. Installation on Windows Server is not supported. Other operating systems (e.g., Macintosh OS X or Linux) are not supported.

  • While not a requirement for running VantagePoint, some of our Visual Basic scripts require Microsoft Excel (2013 or later).

Processor - Intel i3 or better, or similar non-mobile processors.  The faster the processor, the better the performance.  VantagePoint will use multi-core processors to improve performance of many operations. VantagePoint does not support the use of GPU’s.

Memory The minimum operating RAM is 4 GB, but at least 8 GB is recommended.  For most professional versions of Windows, VantagePoint can use up to 128GB of RAM, and some versions of Windows allow much more. The available physical RAM has the biggest impact on VantagePoint performance.  VantagePoint files can be large, and it is much easier to work with them if they can be loaded into RAM instead of hard drive virtual memory. 

Disk Space - VantagePoint itself uses about 600MB of disk space. This does not include the disk space needed for your data files, which can be quite large - typically no less than 5MB/1000 records. Since VantagePoint files can be quite large, a fast hard drive reduces the time required to load the file from storage to RAM. Standard drive sizes are usually more than sufficient for VantagePoint file storage. If you are planning to work with large files on a regular basis, it is helpful to have a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Display - Graphical and tabular outputs of VantagePoint require a minimum of 1280 x 720 screen resolution.  Many users have told us that having a large monitor (or two) is the best improvement they have made to their VantagePoint experience, after adding more RAM.

Data - In addition, VantagePoint requires that you have access to sources of bibliographic data and import filter files for these data sources. Import filters are available for many popular databases, and our helpdesk can create custom definition files for virtually any structured text database.

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