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VantagePoint works with search results from text databases. First conduct a search using a search engine provided by your database provider. Then download the raw data to your computer, and import it into VantagePoint using an Import Filter.

VantagePoint is most useful when your search strategy returns "more than you want to read." It can provide great benefit when working with only a few dozen records, but it is most helpful when you need to work with thousands of records.

VantagePoint’s capabilities can be broadly classified into five categories:

  • Importing – getting the raw data into VantagePoint and mining the raw data to get more data from it.
  • Cleaning – transforming the data into a consistent set, combining the things that you want to analyze as a group, and merging and normalizing data from diverse sources.
  • Analyzing – looking at your data in a variety of ways
  • Reporting – preparing to communicate your results
  • Automating – encoding the entire process to make it consistently and easily repeatable

The menu at the top-right of this page lists just a few of VantagePoint’s major features. Browse these pages to get an overview of how VantagePoint can help you get good answers quickly.

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